Eden Philippa Jewelry Designer

A little Q&A with super cool jewelry designer Eden Philippa:

Q- How did you get started designing jewelry?
 A- I did a two year goldsmithing program - after the second year I was in love and  completely fascinated! I’ve never once felt like I’ve picked the wrong path. 

Q- Where do you get your design inspiration? 
A-  I’m somewhat utilitarian when I’m designing.  I want my pieces to be pretty, but at the same time comfortable, easy-to-wear, everyday accessories. 

Q- How did you develop your brand identity is such a large market?
A-  It’s a very long process and doesn’t happen overnight.  All the people I admire in the industry and brands that I love are much older and have been doing it for much longer.  It’s really just about determination and being creative in an over-saturated market.    

Q- Who would your dream girl to wear your jewelry be?
A-  A girl who appreciates jewellery that is made by hand and not just a ‘fast fashion’ accessory quick fix. 

Q- How would you like to see your company evolve in the future?
A- It would be nice to be recognized for my style - a girl can dream, right? I’d also really love to be able to do a bridal line and incorporate more gemstones into the pieces.    

Q- If you weren't designing jewelry, what do you imagine your career would be?
A- Oh god, all I know is that it would be a sad existence.

Order some for yourself at http://www.edenphilippa.com/